You Can Call Me Steph

Thanks for visiting my blog. We are still building.

At, we sell things, experiences and pass along the rock and roll thoughts of our week. Are any of us Instagram Influencers? Not a chance. In fact, I don’t think we have any influence on anything at all.

Anyway, the Stephanie Team and myself will try to review personally every item listed here. If you have a Lambo you want to sell, we would be super happy to take it for a spin. An Apple watch? Maybe not so much, but get in touch anyway. We will give you an honest opinion what we think. Items reviewed will say so.

Sometimes we get paid a small commission for items. Unlike so many of those people out there trying to scam you, we don’t need to make a sale every minute, every hour or every day.

In fact, if we find something we don’t like, we will say so. So far, we only have a couple of items who are sponsors. We haven’t reviewed anything. If YOU do, let us know. No fakey stuff please!

Soon, we hope to have a voting thingie here, so you will be able to vote along with use if you have good or bad thoughts on something.

If you have something to sell, (okay, maybe a Mini Cooper will work too, or a Fitbit) and you think we can help, send us an email at our contact form HERE. We will get back to you as soon as we can.